Chronic Pain and Illness

Do you need help learning to cope with chronic pain and increase your ability to function? Is someone close to you suffering from chronic pain or illness? Do you have trouble sleeping? Are your daily activities limited? Chronic pain or being ill can leave one feeling alone, uncertain or misunderstood. I have found that attention to the physical aspects of pain and illness alone is often not enough. In therapy we will focus on integrating your body and mind for maximum health benefits.

Therapy can help you:

  • Improve your outlook
  • Learn how to reduce stress in your life
  • Learn new methods of coping with chronic pain and illness
  • Manage your feelings of frustration, fear, and anger

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Chronic Pain and Illness Support Group, Maplewood, New Jersey

Periodically I offer short-term therapy groups for individuals ages 18 and older that suffer from chronic pain. Through mutual support and professional facilitation, group members can gain confidence and improve their quality of life. Members are encouraged to share their experiences, challenges and successes related to living with a chronic condition. Members benefit from both giving and receiving support. Group size ranges from 5–8 members.