Marriage and Relationship Counseling

In relationships it is normal for problems to arise. However, when communication breaks down and negative patterns develop, therapy is needed. Therapy can help couples communicate more effectively, and gain greater closeness and appreciation for each other. The reluctance to seek help is understandable, but putting it off may prolong the problems and contribute to the breakdown of communication. With therapy you can repair the breakdown of communication and trust in the relationship and create a more lasting and fulfilling partnership.

Relationship Therapy and Couples Counseling can help you:

  • Learn new communication skills
  • Handle conflict more effectively
  • Increase self-awareness and relational attunement
  • Gain feedback and support
  • Determine the course of your relationship
  • Assess other difficult relationships and develop more effective interpersonal skills
  • Understand and address the special considerations and concerns of non-traditional relationships i.e., LGBT, Polyamory and the choice not to marry

Therapy can also help those couples that decide to separate. Because divorce is one of life’s toughest transitions therapy can help guide and support you through this especially difficult time. Therapeutic goals include developing coping skills for this enormous change in your life and helping you achieve the healthiest family restructuring possible.