Substance Abuse and Addictions

If you have ever wondered if you have a problem with drinking or drugs, gambling, sex, money, or any other behavior that feels out of control, therapy can help tremendously. Do you take part in your addictive behavior alone? Do you hide or minimize your actions from loved ones? Do you experience memory loss or “blackouts”? Do you promise yourself that you won’t let your behavior get out of control but it does? Are you unable to follow through on promises you’ve made to yourself or others? Does your behavior seem excessive compared to those around you? Do you feel shame and remorse around your use?

Therapy can help you assess your use and behaviors and examine whether you have a problem with addiction. If you do have a problem we will discuss the many options available to you.

Therapy can:

  • Educate you about the addictive process and the recovery process
  • Help you understand and modify your behavior
  • Help you learn and utilize more effective coping skills
  • Provide support through difficult times
  • Help you create a recovery plan and network